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Just thought I’d share some pics of my current PC. I won this at Quakecon 2007, it was the “Dream Machine” sporting the following specs:

  • Intel Quad Core QX6700 Extreme Edition
  • 2GB Corsair XMS PC6400 DDR 2
  • (2) EVGA 8800 Ultra’s in SLI
  • 1200 watt Thermaltake PSU
  • Cooler Master CSX custom paint job case
  • (2) 750GB HDD’s + (1) 150GB WD Raptor
  • ASUS Striker Extreme mobo (now an EVGA 680i SLI)

The specs are still the same, the only thing I’ve done with it is add watercooling and make it pretty. This also might be useful for anyone looking to watercool a Cooler Master CSX case. I completed this project back in July of 2008, but just recently took some pictures, enjoy!


Modding the case and fitting the watercooling components together:

img_0171-large img_0173-large

img_0174-large img_0187-large

img_0186-large img_0195-large


Here she is today. Unfortunately, the dye I used to make the water blue was very poor quality and has stained the tubes.

img_0062-large img_0065-large img_0064-large img_0075-large img_0059-large img_0074-large img_0058-large img_0072-large img_0069-large img_0070-large img_0067-large img_0082-large img_0081-large img_0076-large

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  1. Found your site helpful
    Just bought an aspire Model AOD250-1165
    Is the information that you posted regarding sliming down XP valid for this model or will I run into problems What is your experience tell you.?

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