Radio UTD


After much development time, I am proud to say that my very first iOS application has been released into the App Store last week! Radio UTD is an app designed to make listening to the student-run radio station for The University of Texas at Dallas easy. Development time took longer than I anticipated, but I suppose it’s for the better as the code has evolved with me as I gained a better understanding of iOS and Objective-C development over the past couple of years.

I developed the app from scratch, using a few third-party libraries along the way. Version 1.0 is simple and clean so that there should be very little required maintenance in the coming years. It’s highly doubtful that future system administrators for Radio UTD will have a solid grasp of iOS development so I understand that future bug fixes and improvements are still on my head, even when I’ve move on job-wise.

I will open-source the code in the near future so that beginning developers can take a peek behind the hood to see what makes an Internet radio application tick. Make sure to check the app out on iTunes and check out Radio UTD for all your eclectic music needs!

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