How to Fix the Canon Pixma iP1500 “Waste Ink Absorber Full” Error.

A friend of mine really likes his Canon Pixma iP1500 printer. The ink is very cheap when bought from certain places (*cough* China *cough*); unfortunately though, the printer has been discontinued for some time. When my friend’s printer finally kicked the bucket and started giving him the dreaded "Waste Ink Absorber Full" error, it was thought that although the error can be bypassed temporarily, the only long-term solution was to buy a used printer off of eBay.

After buying several printers off of eBay, he came to me and asked me to take a look into the problem. After spending much time researching the problem on the internet, I learned of how the printer could have its on board firmware reset using a program and decided to dissect the printer to see if there was a way to actually clean out the ink absorbers. The process is really quite easy if you’re comfortable taking things apart and know what you’re doing, but can be a real drag if you don’t know where the pads are located.

I’ve now taken apart, cleaned, and reset several of my friend’s old Pixmas and they work like new. Below are a couple of videos I made showing how to physically take apart an iP1500 and clean the ink absorbers as well as how to reset the printer’s "print-count" to zero, making it think that it’s brand-new.

Part 1: Taking Apart and Cleaning the Pixma iP1500

Part 2: Resetting the Printer to Factory Settings 

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  1. Hi,

    found your video of the ip1500 disassembly very useful. Unfortunately, the three carriage springs fell out. Do you have a photo of there position in the printer. many thanks,Dave

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